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Enel, together with major European power utilities, is actively engaged in Bettercoal, a global initiative to promote continuous improvement of corporate responsibility in the international coal supply chain. Bettercoal has published a code of conduct based on existing and agreed social responsibility standards in the mining sector. It establishes in detail the guidelines that mining companies can refer to in defining their social, environmental and ethical policies.

The Bettercoal Code conveys to the suppliers members’ expectations regarding their practices with reference to four macro-categories (management, ethical commitment and transparency, human and labor rights and environmental performance), promoting continuous improvement.

In addition to the growing presence of Bettercoal in several forums related to the sustainability of coal and the supply chain, the initiative has become an example of cooperation aimed at improving socially responsible practices in the supply chain. In 2018, evaluations by Bettercoal covered over 370 mln t of coal production, two work groups were launched to focus specifically on Russia and Colombia, and a new assurance system and a new evaluation system were completed and launched by Bettercoal.

On-site inspections were also conducted in Russia, Colombia, Indonesia and South Africa and 13 plans for improvement were monitored. For more information, visit