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Work-life balance, people care and corporate welfare

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Enel is a company that pays attention to organizational and personal well-being and has been committed to promoting worklife balance solutions for several years. We also look to support the real daily needs of people, to respect all situations in which a person can find themselves during their working life, including unforeseen circumstances.

The different active flexibility measures and smart working, in particular, are enabling factors for both work-life balance and inclusion. Smart working, in particular, represents a new challenge for reconciling the needs of workers with those of the company, it incorporates trust, one of Enel’s core values, because the work relationship is based on concrete objectives and results, rather than on physical presence in the office. The smart working program started in Italy in 2016 and was subsequently extended to the Group’s other countries, it currently involves over 10,000 people in Italy alone.

Family care initiatives continued. In Italy, in addition to the Push to open and Push to open junior orientation projects for the children of colleagues in high and middle schools, the Millennials Enel Day educational and professional orientation project continues for the children of employees aged between 18 and 27 years. After the launch in Italy in 2016 and in Spain in 2017, the project was extended to Romania and six workshops were held in 2018, three in Italy, two in Spain and one in Romania.

In 2018, the Together Digital Day project was also developed in Italy, an interactive workshop for Enel people and their children aged between 8 and 16, which aims to promote awareness of the digital world and disseminate basic programming languages for children, while for parents the goal is to increase knowledge of the web and cyber security.

Many initiatives concerning personal care and psychophysical well-being were offered including yoga, pilates and postural gymnastics courses, food and relational well-being seminars.

In Italy, Enel envisages the possibility of transferring holidays and rest, as an act of solidarity between colleagues in the same company, to help minor or adult children, parents, spouses, parts of the civil union or cohabitants that require constant care or in the event of very serious personal or family situations. In addition to the days of leave donated by colleagues, Enel offers the same amount of paid permits.

In December 2018, Enel Energia obtained confirmation of the Family Audit Executive Certificate, for the first year of maintenance. Enel Energia was among the first companies to join the national trial of this certification, presenting and implementing an action plan relating to good work-life balance practices, organizational well-being and welfare.


(1) Argentina (smart working), Brasile (smart working, telecommiting, hours bank, banca, flexible schedule), Cile (smart working, flexible schedule), Colombia (smart working, hours bank, flexible schedule), Perù (smart working,flexible schedule).

(2) In Italia telecommiting entails mostly from home, going into the workplace once or twice a week. In America Latina it entails working from home only one or two days pr week.