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Listening and dialogue

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An important element of listening within the Company is the climate survey, which allows us to identify areas of improvement and collect suggestions on issues and aspects of working life. During 2018 the structure of the survey was revised thanks to a long process of simplification. The result was the definition of 20 questions divided into three key themes: Well-being, Engagement and Safety. The introduction of the topic relating to well-being is a new departure in line with the new approach that puts people as the foundation of the Group’s Open Power model. The topics that explore the dimension of involvement, on the other hand, are connected to the areas of motivation, satisfaction and well-being, while the topic of personal safety is confirmed as a central theme in the Company’s vision. At a global level, 100% of the Enel population2 has been involved, evaluating issues such as courtesy, respect, collaboration, the work-life balance, motivation, meritocracy and collaboration, with a participation of 86% and a level of engagement2 of 81%.

The analysis of the information and needs collected will allow global and local action plans to be defined that will address the areas of improvement identified.

Another important tool for listening and staying close to people consists of discussions with the People Business Partners, individuals within the Company whose task is to listen, and also to report back on labor practices, and to identify the needs of people so as to integrate them with the needs of the organization. These individuals are backed up by the People Support Points, real physical meeting points that people can refer to in order to resolve administrative and operational issues regarding their employment relationship.

2 Eligible and reachable: people who have a permanent contract and have been in the workforce for at least 3 months during 2018. The company Eletropaulo was not involved, because it was acquired during the year. The engaged employees are those who can be described as highly or partially involved, satisfied and dedicated to their work.

Internal communication

Enel considers internal communications to be an important support in creating the corporate culture and in both organizational and people growth, soliciting and promoting the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences.

In 2018, various global campaigns were promoted, including in particular those on Human Rights, the 231 Model in Italy and the Global Compliance Program in the various Group Countries, Diversity and Inclusion and the agileapproach. Internal communication is also the main vehicle for disseminating Enel’s strategy and short-term targets. A key moment is the “Cascade Process”, which starts from the company convention and which, in 2018, involved almost 400 senior managers of the Group in sharing the results of 2017 and the challenges of 2018, as well as the Group’s Strategic Plan. The “Cascade Process”, with 163 events worldwide, involved 15 countries and saw the participation of almost 40,000 people, a slight decrease compared to the previous year (-9%). A section of the company intranet was dedicated to the project, and was available in three languages. In 2018 Enel’s internal media platforms were further developed to ensure that the contents reached the entire corporate population in all countries and regions, as well as being accessible from mobile devices and from outside the company network.


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(1) Present only in Italy.
(2) Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Rumanian.