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The innovability culture

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The process of change can’t be separated from the development of specific activities concerning innovation culture and corporate entrepreneurship at a global level. The “Innovation School” continued in 2018, with the aim of providing Enel people, involved in innovation activities, with skills and knowledge on innovative work methods. About 100 Innovation Ambassadors from various Functions and business areas in Italy, Brazil and Colombia were chosen from within Enel, with the aim of making innovation part of daily activities through specific work methods. The “My Best Failure” project also continued. This aims to encourage innovative experimentation.

In 2018, Enel also set up a new corporate entrepreneurship program, “MAKE IT HAPPEN!”, which was officially launched in the first few months of 2019. The initiative involves all the people who work in the Company and enables them to propose, share and develop innovative ideas, as well as improvement proposals which contribute to the creation of the Enel of the future.

In the scope of promoting creativity and lateral thinking, the “Enel Idea Factory” project continued. Launched in 2014 its objective is to support all areas of the company in solving challenges by using new work methods and creative techniques, whilst promoting integration and collaboration. Last year, 25 creative sessions were held and 915 participants from all the Group countries (and 33 external participants) were involved, generating around 400 ideas and giving rise to various company initiatives.