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Safety in the procurement processes

  • GRI

Safety is integrated into the procurement processes and the performance of the companies is monitored both in the preventive phase, through the qualification system, and during the execution of the contract, through numerous control processes.

In 2018, the qualification process was further consolidated and a new attachment to general contract conditions was prepared, which clearly defines the health, safety and environmental obligations of all suppliers. A “Safety Supplier Assessment” process was also introduced, with specific safety audits conducted at suppliers’ premises in the case that specific critical aspects are identified.

For this reason, contracting companies are involved in many initiatives aimed at promoting a culture of safety. In particular, an induction session is carried out on the specific risks present before the contractors’ personnel access the worksite.

Enel people perform this session, which aims to highlight special risks due to the specific nature of the plants and the activities present that are not normally present in the Company’s business.

Furthermore, in 2018, the Extra Checking on Site (ECoS) initiative continued, with 242 ECoSs completed, with an increase trend compared to the 120 planned. The ECoSs have the aim of evaluating the adequacy of the organization, commitment and processes in a pre-determined operative area.

Expert HSEQ people external to the operating unit subject to the assessment, perform these controls, together with technical experts specific to the business and permit to plan and define corrective actions that are duly monitored.