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Nuclear policy

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As part of its activities in nuclear technologies, Enel is publicly committed to ensuring that its nuclear plants adopt a clear nuclear safety policy and that these plants are operated according to criteria that can ensure absolute priority to safety and protection of workers, the population and the environment.

Enel’s nuclear safety policy promotes excellence in all activities of the plant, according to a logic that aims to go beyond mere compliance with applicable laws and regulations and ensure the adoption of managerial approaches that incorporate the principles of continuous improvement and risk management in safety.

Enel does everything in its power to ensure that even operators of nuclear facilities in which Enel has a minority interest adopt and make public policies that guarantee the highest standards of nuclear and environmental safety, radioactive waste management, plant protection and the protection of workers, the general public and the environment.

Enel is committed to providing adequate resources for the implementation of the above safety policies and to supporting the nuclear safety cooperation policy of all operators in the sector worldwide.

Further details are available on Endesa’s website (https:// a201610-gestionactividad-nuclear.html) and in Endesa’s Sustainability Report in the chapter “Environmental Sustainability”, paragraph 1.6 “Managing Nuclear Activity”