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Managing emergencies

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Enel has a shared crisis and critical event management system in the various countries where the Group operates.

This system provides for the assessment of the impact caused by the critical event through a standard 3-level reference scale. High-impact crises are managed centrally, while those with a medium or low impact level are managed within the specific organization of the individual countries.

For high-impact level crises (“Group Red Code”), it is envisaged to set up a central crisis committee active at the Security Control Room at the Viale Regina Margherita office in Rome to provide 24/7 support for the communication and the coordination of the information flows.

In addition, the crisis committee will define the strategies and actions to deal with the critical event and coordinate all activities to limit the damage to property, profitability and reputation of the Enel Group.

At Enel SpA there is a Security unit within the People and Organization Function at the Holding Company with the aim of defining strategies and guidelines on the issues of safety, guaranteeing reporting to top management and promoting the sharing of best practice. In addition, a travel security process has been established with the aim of protecting Enel people traveling abroad by supplying information and notices on the destination countries, indicating the conditions which could represent risks for the health and safety of travelers (for example, political unrest, terrorist attacks, crime, healthcare emergencies, etc.), providing the guidelines and conduct to be followed and activating security measures needed in regard to the risk level identified for the destination country.