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The Enel Group has defined a structured health management system, based on prevention measures to develop a corporate culture oriented toward the promotion of physical and mental health, organizational well-being and the balance between personal and work life. With this in mind, the Group carries out global and local awareness campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles, sponsors screening programs to prevent the onset of diseases and guarantees the provision of medical services. In particular a policy has been established to prevent disease at a local level and provide assistance in the case of illness or accidents abroad; a smartphone application was also introduced for travel information, vaccination guide and a new global insurance policy was signed for Enel people traveling abroad. Furthermore, the Enel Group implements a systematic and continuous process of identification and assessment of work-related stress risks, in accordance with the “Stress at Work Prevention and Wellbeing at Work Promotion” Policy. This enables the prevention, identification and management of stress in work situations that may affect both individuals and broader sections of the organization, also providing a set of guidelines aimed at promoting a culture of organizational well-being.

Lastly, the Group offers its people special rates for: medical and health care, assistance for persons with disabilities or in the event of emergencies, and specific preventive medicine initiatives.