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Developing a culture of safety: training and information

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The health and safety awareness campaigns carried out over the course of the year focused on areas of specific relevance for the Company. This year the campaigns focused mainly on issues relating to personal health and the most common diseases, such as: hypertension, hepatitis, smoking, risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, skin cancer, etc. The campaigns were based both on the news published on the company intranet and on specific news reports on Enel TV and Enel Radio.

With regard to training, in 2018 Enel people were provided with over 726,000 hours of training, in addition to information and coaching on safety, with the aim of increasing workers’ knowledge and specific skills throughout the Group. The various issues covered included online training for safely driving both four- and twowheeled vehicles and the “Safety Leadership” training session for managers.

In 2018, the SHE 365 project was completed. It aimed to focus awareness on health, safety and the environment 365 days a year, at all organizational levels and in all Enel countries in a transversal and integrated manner.

The project had three main themes:

  • increasing supplier awareness;
  • consolidating the commitmentchain;
  • facilitating the sharing of initiatives.


contractors working for Enel who have received training and information on health and safety from their employer

circa 890mila ore

of training and information for contractors4

4 The figure also includes training and induction courses provided by Enel people which are required to access the Group’s construction and/or operating sites.