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Action platforms and partnerships

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The Group plays an active role in various industry associations and organizations with a view to promoting topics relating to the energy transition at both national and global level. The following are some of the international associations with which Enel was actively involved in 2018 (see also the chapter entitled “Longterm sustainable growth”).

  • Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders - The CEO of Enel is a member of the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, organized by the World Economic Forum. A new letter from Chief Executive Officers was published in 2018 ahead of the COP24, calling on world leaders to encourage low-carbon finance and investment and develop policies designed to increase the demand for low-carbon solutions.
  • eurelectric - Under Enel’s leadership, eurelectric adopted a new long-term vision of the European electricity sector, through which it has committed to achieving a carbon neutral electricity mix in Europe well before 2050 and to increasing energy efficiency and the electrification of energy demand in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. Another major achievement that came in 2018 was the Eurelectric’s Decarbonization Pathways study, published ahead of the COP24, which made a major contribution to the discussion surrounding the EU’s long-term climate strategy and outlined eurelectric’s industry vision for achieving carbon neutrality well ahead the 2050 landmark.
  • Solar Power Europe - This business- led association represents various organizations that play an active role right throughout the value chain with the aim of outlining the regulatory environment and improving solar energy-related business opportunities in Europe. Enel was widely represented within this association over the course of 2018, serving as Vice-President at both Board and Strategic Committee levels and playing an active role in various task forces over the course of the year.
  • Wind Europe - This business-led association aims to promote both national and international policies and initiatives designed to strengthen the development of wind power-related markets, infrastructures and technologies at both the European and global levels. Enel Green Power is a member of the Board of Directors and has played an active role in the initiatives organized by the various working groups.
  • Platform for Electro-Mobility - This initiative involves various companies, non-governmental associations and other organizations that are committed to promoting electric mobility and jointly developing solutions for electrifying transport in Europe. Enel was the first utility to participate in the platform.
  • SmartEn – This is the leading industry association in digital and decentralized energy solutions, focusing on making the energy transition through intelligent cooperation between the fields of consumption, networks, transmission and generation, which all play an equally important role in an integrated energy system. Enel played an active role on the Board in 2018, as well as in various working groups set up to promote sustainable decentralized energy solutions.
  • E.DSO for Smart Grids - European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO) is the key interface between European distributors and European institutions, promoting the largescale development and testing of smart grid technologies in real-life situations, as well as new market models and regulation designed to achieve the European Union’s energy and climate targets. Enel serves as Vice-president of the Board of Directors together with other players of the international electricity network.
  • Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition - Launched by the World Bank in 2014, the coalition comprises various public and private players (including Enel) from the academic and civil spheres with the aim of advancing the adoption of effective solutions for setting carbon prices on a global scale.
  • The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) - This non-profit business organization is responsible for enabling business to engage in climate action consistent with the targets of the United Nations’ “Framework Convention on Climate Change” and introducing effective trading systems based on the greenhouse gas emissions market. Enel is a member of the IETA’s Board of Directors and has co-chaired the European Union’s IETA working group since 2013.