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Environmental disputes

  • GRI

Legal proceedings ongoing as of December 31, 2018 concerned 292 cases throughout the Group. Environmental disputes mainly refer to Italy, South America and Iberia.

Fines against Group companies totaled approximately 12 million euros in 2018, up on the previous year (approximately 2 million euros in 2017), mainly due to a sanction received by the distribution company Ampla Energia e Serviços SA in Brazil. As regards disputes in 2018, proceedings started against E-Distribuzione SpA, for alleged infringement of Legislative Decree 231/01 regarding the administrative liability of legal entities, brought for the alleged offense of the unauthorized handling of waste (article 256 of the Consolidated Environmental Act) and alleged infringement of the Code of the Cultural and Landscape Heritage (Legislative Decree 42/04) regarding some works to remove an electrical line. For further information, see the chapter “Contingent assets and liabilities” of the 2018 Annual Report.