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Value for countries and local areas

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Enel makes a tangible contribution to the social and economic development and growth of the local areas and communities in which it operates through various types of interventions, from the expansion of infrastructure to education and training programs, from initiatives aimed at social inclusion to projects supporting cultural and economic life. The London Benchmarking Group (LBG) method, defined by a working group of over 100 international companies, identifies a measurement model that allows for clear determination and classification of the Company’s contributions to the development of the communities in which it is present.

According to the LBG standard, community spending can be distinguished as:

  • charitable donations: donationsmade pro bono and without obligations for the beneficiaries, except to allocate the donation for charitable purposes and non-profit associations. This item for Enel includes all monetary and “in-kind” donations, including those for philanthropy and solidarity activities;

  • investments in the community: medium-long term involvement in community support projects, also in partnership with local organizations, aimed at tackling significant problems both for the local area and for the Company. For example, projects linked to a wider strategy for the benefit of the community, such as “Access to electricity”, or specific initiatives dedicated to communities close to the plants are included in this category;

  • commercial initiatives with a social impact: contributions to activities related to the core business, in which the Company promotes its own brand and its own corporate identity. Examples of such initiatives are marketing campaigns that also provide benefits for the community or that include charitable contributions. 

Community initiatives by type 2018

community initiatives

In 2018, Enel’s overall contribution to the communities in which it operates was over 1143 million euros.