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Enel Cuore Onlus

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Enel Cuore Onlus was founded in 2003 by Enel’s desire to express its commitment to social solidarity in a transparent manner. Enel Cuore supports initiatives promoted by non-profit organizations concerned with the welfare of people and families, in particular in communities where Enel is present.

2018 saw a focus on long-term projects of a considerable impact and scale for communities, targeting specific, trending issues:

  • school, as a place of growth and engagement. The “Fare Scuola” project, begun in 2015 and now in its fourth year, continued in 2018 with the development of a further 10 Italian schools, mainly in areas of Central Italy affected by recent earthquakes. Initiatives targeted an improvement in and the qualification of nursery and primary school sites, setting up areas with different sensory features. The coming together of architecture and education aims to enhance the well-being of everyone who uses the schools, including families, encouraging creativity, socialization, sharing and outlooks that focus on relations and the environment. The project is carried out in collaboration with the “Reggio Children – Foundation Loris Malaguzzi Center”;

  • tackling the social isolation of the elderly who live alone. An example of this topic is the “Viva gli Anziani". Una città per gli anziani, una città per tutti” project (“Long live the elderly. A city for elderly people, a city for everyone”), which has been running since 2016 and concerns the population of over-eighties in a number of cities. The project aims to offer an alternative to traditional residential solutions. In particular it intends to promote the use of the sharing economy as a multiplier of resources, to enhance mutual aid systems and also create an integrated network of services, which are an important resource for the quality of life of the elderly. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Comunità di Sant’Egidio;

  • services to assist unaccompanied foreign minors who arrive in Italy, fleeing war and poverty. From June 4 to September 7, 2018, Enel Cuore promoted the new call for tender “NEVER ALONE, per un domani possibile” (“NEVER ALONE, for a future that is possible”), with the aim of supporting non-profit organizations involved in consolidating and innovating procedures for taking care of unaccompanied foreign minors and young people in Italy.

As part of the “Terre colte 2017” call for tender, promoted in association with the 

CON IL SUD Foundation, from November 23, 2017 to February 23, 2018, nine projects were selected which aim to revitalize traditions related to agriculture and breeding in areas of Southern Italy, also through the social inclusion and employment of disadvantaged persons, offering new opportunities for young people and promoting the introduction of technological and farming innovation.

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3 This amount refers to:

  • Cash contributions - approximately 92 million euros; 
  • Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours - approximately 2,6 milioni di euro; 
  • In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/partnerships or similar - approximately 17 milioni di euro; 
  • Management overheads - approximately 2,7 milioni di euro.