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Stakeholder engagement

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Understanding stakeholders’ expectations is one of the crucial phases of the assessment and is perfectly in line with Enel’s inclusive Open Power approach. The units responsible for the relations with stakeholders, who are annually involved in the assessment process, are responsible for:

  • identifying and updating the list of the relevant categories of stakeholders, with the aim to have a comprehensive list of actual and potential stakeholders of the Group and to remain in line with the sustainability context in which Enel operates;
  • evaluating and weighting the different categories according to the following parameters: dependence (importance of the relationship for the stakeholder), influence (importance of the relationship for the Company) and tension (the relationship’s time aspect);
  • engaging stakeholders as appropriate according to the communication channels (generic, specific and interactive channels), the type of relation- ship with the group of interest and the reference context.

The process envisages the continuous and direct involvement of stakeholders, external and internal to the Company, including top managers, through one-toone interviews, surveys and other tools. In some cases, if necessary, stakeholder engagement is carried out ad hoc for materiality assessment, and therefore used for report purpose.

These results integrate the ones emerging from the numerous initiatives already in place with the stakeholders, managed during the year by the different company areas within the Group overall engagement process and capitalized within the materiality assessment.

The “Methodological note” contains the most relevant categories of stakeholders identified for the assessment and the relevant communication and engagement channels

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The service dedicated to “Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality” covers a selection of disclosures, strategically selected to address an organization’s approach towards stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment, thus aiming to improve the overall quality of the Report.

For the Disclosure Review Service, GRI Services reviewed the following 10 disclosures from GRI 102: General Disclosures 2016 (102-15, 102-40, 102-41, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44, 102-46, 102-47, 102-54, 102-55). The service was performed on the English version of the Report.