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Letter to stakeholders

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”Shapers and leaders”: creators and guidesof the energy transition

Starace e Grieco

Energy is a fundamental enabler of progress and growth. Without clean and accessible energy for all, our societies will face a futurewithout inclusive, long lasting well-being and progress. For progress to be sustainable, we believe that it should be achieved withoutjeopardizing the future of coming generations. Sustainability therefore implies the need to always combine growth with a balance of theresources employed in the present, without ever compromising future opportunities. Understanding the implications of this definitionover time is essential to apply the concept of sustainability in a multitude of contexts.

Sustainability cannot be limited to a simple choicebetween energy sources, since it encompasses many other areas and requires broad collaboration between different actors.This is why it is so important to be “shapers and leaders” of the energy transition currently under way, guiding it towards an ever-more sustainable model. In the meantime, we need to be aware of the complexity of the reference framework, characterised by increasingly blurred boundaries between different industries, by new approaches to interaction and collaboration, as well as new ways of using avail-able resources and unstoppable technological progress. At Enel we are actively engaged in creating sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders every day, thinking globally and acting locally, respecting and enhancing diversity. For us, sustainability is a key value andrepresents, together with innovation, the engine of inclusive growth in conditions of dynamic balance.

It is increasingly integrat-ed into our industrial and financial strategies, creating value and synergies with the external world and accelerating the achievement ofthe United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A commitment that Enel has strengthened and expanded, revitalising the targets for reducing specific CO2 emissions (SDG 13), increasing interaction with communities, facilitating their access to education,energy and employment as well as inclusive and sustainable economic growth (SDG 4, 7, 8) and introducing specific additional targets for SDG 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure) and SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities).

These challenging goals can be achieved only thanks to the key role played by people inside and outside the company, with their aspirations, expectations, enthusiasm and above all curiosity. The latter fosters the development of more trusting and collaborative relationships, acting as a multiplier of diversity, stimulating the generation of alternative approaches and unleashing creativity. Brilliant ideas and innovative thoughts that make the difference. Together, collaborating and dialoguing with each other, we can achieve long-term sustainability, maintaining our traditions whileat the same time facing our future challenges. There is a long way to go, but by adopting an integrated vision of social, environmentaland economic development, in which ethics and profit are not at odds with each other and a commitment to safety is the basis of every action, we can reshape the future of business, of work and the entire planet, significantly increasing the well-being of current and future generations. An issue of primary importance in which Enel wants to play a leading role is undoubtedly the fight against climate change: a challenge that presents not only risks, but also offers the opportunity to rethink our energy system. Consistent with this vision and with the objectives of the Paris Climate Conference, we will continue to promote a balanced and flexible system along the entire value chain, starting with the continuing growth of renewable energy generation, combined with an expansion of the use of electricity and highly energy-efficient products and services, leveraging new digital solutions and smart infrastructures. A key role in the transitionis being played by cities, where most of the world population lives, the majority of our resources are consumed and environmental management is an especially urgent need. Envisioning a sustainable and circular development model for cities means, therefore, envisioningit for the entire planet. In this rapidly changing context, customers are increasingly the protagonists of the entire value chain with new needs that have to be matched with new and more effective methods of consumption and sales. Aware of all this, Enel works every dayto provide its customers with all the energy they need to achieve their dreams and their ambitions. It does so in a sustainable way and respecting the environment, so that the progress of each person is an invaluable part of the progress of humanity as a whole.

Patrizia Grieco 
Chairman of the Board of Directors

firma Grieco

Francesco Starace
Chief Executive Officer and General Manager

firma Starace